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Welcome to our new site for the JTPG of stores, here you can either choose to go the home pages of each store or go directley to a paticular section. This site is also home for JTPG and you can find information on the company here. To return to this site from the stores click on the link at the bottom of each stores page in the customer service section.

New Setup.

Hi all, owing to the reorganisation of our dot.com Just The Humans & Just The Electronics have joined Just The  Pets,  the 3 stores are still invidual enterties  and all the links below do what they should. 

We have done this to make it easier for you to browse and shop in all the  stores with 1 shopping cart. Takes a look you have nothing to loose, what are you waiting for? 

Kind regards JTPG. 

Ps we now have over 1,500 new items across all 3 stores,  to give us almost 10,000 for you to choose from. 


Everything is linked to the website stores, all you have to do is click on where you want to go, it is as simple as that.

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Treat your companion to something special.


Just The Humans

Everything in this department store is animal related, and we mean everything.



Just The Electronics

Have a look inside, what are you waiting for ?

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