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Opened may 2018, dealing with pet products for Birds, Cats, Dogs, Aquariums and so on. No live animals will be sold as this is something we are very strongly against if you want a new companion please adopt or go to a regulated breeder. We do not sell pet food (except Fish) but we do carry a limited snack range for Cats,Dogs, Rabbits and Hamsters, take a look inside the store you can not loose anything and maybe you just might find a treat for your companion. :) Please leave feedback on your purchase this will help others and ourselves in knowing what works. With over 2,000 products there’s plenty to choose from at prices to fit all budgets. The term “pet” is something I dislike to use, the animals you have weather they be Dog,Cat,Bird or any other creature are your Companions and should be treated as such.


email justthepets@gmx.com

Just The Humans

In November 2018 Just The Humans opened it’s doors, Just The Humans is simply a department store with a difference, every item sold is animal related which makes this store unique. There is no harm taking a look and you might find something for yourself or someone you love, currently we have over 3,000 items to offer. Just The Humans is a store for every animal lover out there wheather you have a companion or not.

Just The Humans

email justthehumans@gmx.com

Just The Electronics

Just The Electronics launched this January (under Just Electronics),this new store has it’s own identity and logo. Just The Electronics features quality items designed for the home & hopefully at a price you will like. We have kept the Animal theme going & once again no non animal related products are available. Have fun looking around, currently there are around 1,000 items in this store and likely to grow quickly as new stock becomes available.

Please note : Items such as mobile phones, TV boxes & radios ect.. are no longer available in this store.

Just The Electronics

email justelectronics@gmx.com


Opened 25 May 2019, JTC is the 4th store within the group. Just like JTH all items in the store are animal related, this store will grow as we find the right style of clothing to fit our theme. 

This new store can be found in JTP, or simply click the link below.

Just The Clothes.




Opened July 2019:

Just The Chistmas is a all year round animal related Christmas store.

The idea is allow you to shop for those essentials throughout the year, in stead of a last minute panic. 

Check it out you have nothing to lose.

Just The Christmas

Club House

One other thing don't forget to join our Club House on Facebook. Here you can chat and post pics of your companions plus get a chance to enter one of our many competitions with great prizes.

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We hope you enjoy our stores, and enjoy shopping with us.

Alan Campbell, Owner